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Club Directory 1

Cardinal Gibbons High School2014-15

Clubs1. Alchemist Club2. Animal Crusaders3. Anime Club4. Art Club5. BeAT6. Biology7. Book Club8. Chess Club9. Club for the Easily Amused10. Coffee House11. Crusader, The12. Dance Team13. Design Club14. Drama Club15. Drum Line16. Dungeons and Dragons17. Foodie Club18. German Club19. Guitar Club20. History Club21. Inklings22. Juggling Club23. Lancer Club24. Latin Club

25. Marketing Club26. Media27. Mock Trial28. Model UN29. Mountain Biking Club30. National Honors Society31. Pilates Club32. Ping Pong33. Repeater34. Robotics Club35. S.T.A.R.’s Student Technical

Assistance Resource36. Science Olympiad37. Spanish Club38. Speech and Debate 39. Strategy Club40. Student Council41. Studio II Dance Club42. Surfing43. Teen Health44. Tri-M Honors45. Ultimate Frisbee46. Video Club47. Yearbook

Alchemists ClubModerator: Sister Janet, SND

The Alchemists Club is a science club for students of chemistry who wish to spend more time in laboratory explorations. One lab will be conducted monthly on the fourth Wednesday of each month or some other member chosen time.

Animal CrusadersModerator: Tracey Cole

This club will focus on creating opportunities for students to experience fellowship, deepen their relationship with God, and serve their community through a shared, active interest in the wellbeing of all

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Club Directory 2

types of animals. Based on the teachings of St. Francis of Assisi, whose Canticle of the Creatures praises God for His creation of our “brother and sister” animals, and who saw animals as living symbols of the power and providence of God, this club will focus on acts of love and care for all of God’s creatures. Students will gather to learn and teach about animals, assist local organizations (such as rescue groups and shelters) which are dedicated to their welfare, develop and execute animal-focused projects, and generally advocate for animals in need.

Anime ClubModerator: Mr. Boyan

The Anime Club is a club where kids can get together with Mr. Bierlein to watch and discuss Anime. The club meets a couple of times a month and of course is open to anyone and everyone.

Art ClubModerator: Mrs. Dason

The Art Club is open to any students who want to pursue their art interests. Club members will visit galleries, invite artists to speak and work on art projects for the school. Students do not need to be currently enrolled in art class to attend.

BeAT—Be a Teacher--Future Teachers Club Moderator: Mrs. Goethals

This is a club for students considering a career in education. All grade levels may participate, but activities are designed for juniors and seniors.

Activities: Providing opportunities to observe professional educators at various levels from preK through

higher education. Investigating scholarship programs Touring DPI Speakers from various fields of education Introduction to requirements for certification Introduction to basic educational concepts Books on teaching provided.

We belong to Future Educators of America – Phi Delta Kappa International

Biology ClubModerator: Mrs. Goethals

The Biology Club “provides opportunities for students to share and promote interest in the biological sciences. Activities include preparing and presenting experiments and technical information before groups and sharing information about career, technical training, and college opportunities.

Students will meet role models in the professional biology community, as well as participate in NABT- the National Association of Biology Teachers - programs.Activities:

Afterschool labs to enhance knowledge Provide speakers in a wide variety of biological fields. Activities for fun and reinforcing biology learning. Research scholarship opportunities. Enter national competitions in biology Participate in volunteer activities in biological areas such as medicine.

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Club Directory 3

Book ClubModerator: Mrs. Ingraham

The purpose of the club is to encourage reading and discussion of books. The students will pick the books that are to be read and will meet once a month in a discussion group. This club is designed for students who enjoy books and wish to belong to a book club. Author readings at local bookstores and book drives for underprivileged children are other activities this club will pursue.

The Chess ClubModerator: Mr. Jukic

The chess club’s objective is to teach and nurture the art of playing Chess, the strategy board game par excellence that fosters critical thinking and planning skills while also providing hours of entertainment. Within an environment that promotes fun as well as pride in each player’s “inner nerd,” students can receive lessons and expert help to learn how to play or to fine-tune their game and become strong, competitive players. They will also learn how being an individual can benefit the team and promote team companionship. It’s the perfect class! The perfect club! There may also be opportunities on some weekends for students who wish to broaden their chess-playing horizons to play in county-wide tournaments.

Club for the Easily AmusedModerator: Mr. Dmytriw

The Club For the Easily Amused is a club to give students the chance to relax and forget about the stress that comes along with being in high school. We meet every Wednesday in Room 220. Some examples of activities are playing various board games, watching Disney movies, simple arts & crafts (i.e. making Christmas cookies, etc), or whatever other activities the students come up with. The members of this club would be asked to contribute their own board/card games for communal usage, however we will have a stock of readily available games. Snacks are usually a compliment to our meetings. So if you are a student who will look for a club that allows you to just relax and enjoy the simple things in life, this is the club for you!

Coffee HouseModerator: Mr. Friedman

The Cardinal Gibbons Coffee House Club was founded during the 2006-2007 school year. Its purpose is to give students a safe, comforting, encouraging atmosphere in which to perform and socialize. The Coffeehouse meets 2 or 3 times per semester in the Plant Ops room at Gibbons. Performers include acoustic musicians, poets, and spoken-word performance artists. While most members of the club perform in some capacity, many students who choose to help in other ways--by helping set-up the room, serve coffee and snacks, and offer encouraging words to the performers. Attendance, participation, and enthusiasm were tremendous during the club's first year

The Crusader NewspaperModerator: Mr. Jukic

The Crusader newspaper is the award-winning, student-led and student-produced publication serving the Cardinal Gibbons community. The Crusader newspaper club focuses on teaching news-gathering and photojournalism skills, including the proper use of digital SLR cameras, and emphasizes frequent and timely publication via all types of media – print, online and social media. The Crusader strives to cover all

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Club Directory 4

events of interest to Gibbons students, from athletics to school events, so all students of all grade levels interested in any topic are welcome to join The Crusader team!

Dance TeamModerator: Ashly Gatto

The Dance Team is a great way for girls and boys to come together to dance. We perform at the football and basketball games mainly. However, sometimes we have been out at lacrosse and soccer games. Sometimes, we as a team go to local and national competitions, while every year, like many of the teams here we have partnered with Outreach at Gibbons to go out and do service.

Design ClubModerator: Mrs. Kennedy

The design club is an interactive, unique, and fun place to learn about opportunities in design. The club focuses mostly on graphic and fashion design. The purpose of our meetings, which occur once a month, is to share new techniques and ideas with each other and practice what we have learned in art or design courses. Activities from our first year included: making jewelry, designing advertisem*nts, and decorating the Prayer Garden. The design club is new but expanding! In the 2014-15 school year, we will: continue learning about different types of design, take field trips to learn more about design, help with Catwalk for Cancer, and much more.

Drama ClubModerator: Mr. Ferguson

Gibbons Drama produces four full scale theatrical productions each year: the JV Theater production, two plays, and a musical. Auditions are open to all Gibbons students and staff, with rehearsals taking place after school and on weekends, if necessary. Being onstage not your thing? No worries…there are plenty of opportunities for those interested in working on the technical side of the productions as well.

Drum Line Moderator: Mr. Sargent

The club will allows students who want to learn more about percussion but are not taking the class to get an introduction to percussion instruments. The club will learn about what a drum line plays, and what percussionists play. Students will get exposure to snare drum, bass drum, cymbals, and toms. Advanced students will work with students new to percussion to help them learn about playing. If students would like to perform every effort will be make to give them an opportunity, however there is no requirement for them to perform.

Dungeons and Dragons Club

Moderator: David Crabbe

The D&D Club provides a meeting space and opportunities for students to play strategy role-playing games such as Dungeon and Dragons, a game that was inspired by the literature of JRR Tolkien. This author is arguably the most famous fantasy writer of the twentieth century and a devout Catholic. The focus of the club is on role-playing as opposed to computer games. Students interact face-to-face, solve problems to

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Club Directory 5

overcome obstacles and achieve objectives, and use their creativity to represent their character and the game's environment. The club is open to students who are new to D&D as well as experienced players.

Foodie ClubModerator: Mrs. Rokita

The purpose of the Foodie Club is to bring students together to share a meal, talk about food, and foster friendships around a table. It is our hope that the club will allow students to gather together and share their love of food and eating. Just as importantly, we hope that while together, we can explore different types of food and broaden our cultural appetites to include anything from Asian to Cuban to Italian cuisine. Our goal is to meet twice a month. Once a month, on a Thursday afternoon after school, we will plan our adventures in eating. As a group, we will share ideas for a restaurant field trip and vote on where to go for our next meeting that month. One night a month or every other month, we will meet at a restaurant and share a meal, a love of eating, and an experience that will bring us closer together as a group.

German Club

Moderator: Ms. Lang

The goal of the German Club is to enrich the student’s knowledge of the German culture in fun ways, incorporating food and language. The club will meet every month to discuss the customs and traditions of the German culture. The German Club will also appoint officers that would help organize and run club activities. Hopefully if there is enough interest in this club we will also be able to offer German as a foreign language here at Cardinal Gibbons. The aim of this club is simply to teach students about a different culture and expand their knowledge of a European country.

Guitar ClubModerator: Mr. Spencer

The Guitar Club is an informal group that meets on Fridays after school (except when there is a home for an hour to play music, discuss music, and/or just hang out and have fun. It allows students to work on music in a more open and less structured way than in a music class. It also allows students to use the school’s instruments and music equipment for rehearsal or informal playing and jamming.

History ClubModerator: Mr. Blanton

Activities: Regular meetings will feature discussion of interesting/relevant historical and political topics decided by students, club leadership, and the moderator. During the Spring semester, all interested club members will participate in the National History Day competition. Work, collaboration, and help from the moderator will take place at the regular meetings. The club will have as a goal to have 1-2 field trips per semester. Some examples include the NC History museum and government complex, NC battlefields and forts, or a day/overnight trip to DC. Other activities include watching historical movies after school or during an evening.

InklingsModerator: Mrs. Hirsh

The purpose of this creative writing club (The Gibbons Inklings) is to promote and cultivate creative writing of all kinds while encouraging community among writing artists. The club will seek to meet at least

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Club Directory 6

once a month for “workshop” styled writing/reading sessions. Participants will share their work with others and give and receive constructive feedback. English-style tea service (hot teas, cakes, cookies, crackers, cheeses, etc) will be available for each of these.

Juggling ClubModerator: Mr. Meyerl

The Juggling Club is dedicated to promoting the art of juggling. As a club we will meet at least twice a month and simply hang out and have fun juggling. Anyone is welcome, regardless of skill level - and if you don't know how to juggle, we'll be happy to teach you! Our goal as a club is to develop in one another the gift of juggling in hopes of providing those present with an avenue of physical activity, stress reduction and, quite possibly, service to the community.

Lancer ClubModerator: Mrs. Gallagher

Structure of the Lancer Club: Moderator (faculty)President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Publicly Director, Membership (students)

Purpose of the Lancer Club: The main purpose of the club will be to offer to the students of Cardinal Gibbons High School the opportunity to do service for the community or church organizations. In addition, students will be given the option in participating in social activities. Some of the past activities include: visits to Duke Children's Hospital, Thanksgiving Baskets for underprivileged families, Walk for Hope.

The advantages of the Lancer Club:1. The students will work with different groups of the local community, which they would not otherwise have the opportunity to do so with (disadvantaged, homeless, blind children and adults, physically and mentally challenged, elderly and infirmed, etc.) Because Cardinal Gibbons High School attempts to provide a variety of activities (spiritual, social, service oriented, etc.) for its students, there may be times during the school year that other clubs may also be involved in service work to the larger community. The Lancer Club will support and work with other school organizations and provide information on community resources.2. By participating in this club, students will be given exposure to different health care professionals and social agencies, which may aide the students in possible career choices and colleges.3. By engaging in the club's proposed activities the students will gain a sense of personal accomplishment and fulfillment, which comes from serving other human beings.4. The club's bi-monthly meetings will provide social opportunities for its members. During this time students will plan, exchange, and share ideas on an informal basis. In addition, the younger students will benefit from interacting with the older students and the older students will gain a sense of responsibility toward the younger students.

Latin ClubModerator: Ms. McCormack

Latin Club is open to all former and current Latin students. Students who have not taken Latin but have an interest in ancient Greek and Roman civilization and history are also welcome to attend! Latin Club will elect officers, participate in service, join state and national organizations for Latin students, go to state convention, and compete in academic competitions.

Marketing ClubModerator: Mrs. Williams

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Club Directory 7

The Marketing Club is for students interested in marketing and related fields. The mission of the club is to create an atmosphere that enables students to develop their knowledge and understanding of modern marketing practices applied to goods, services, people, places, and ideas. We aim to introduce members to Product Design & Branding, Advertising & Promotion, Marketing Research, Communications, Distribution, Personal Selling, Finance, Public Relations, Sales Management, Accounting, and Career Skills & Resume building.

Media ClubModerator: Mr. Jukic

The Gibbons Media club is for all students interested in participating in and learning more about any of the Gibbons Media programs: creative video, literary magazine, newspaper, photojournalism and yearbook. Media club activities will include photo scavenger hunts, tweetups, publication release parties, create-your-own video contests and much more!

Mock TrialModerator: Mrs. Heyl

Students who are members of the Cardinal Gibbons Mock Trial Team will participate in the North Carolina Mock Trial Competition held in the fall of each school year. The Mock Trial program is committed to the study, understanding and appreciation of the American justice system. Students playing the roles of witness and attorneys are presented with a hypothetical legal case, which they prepare and argue in competition against other high school teams from across the state.

Model United NationsModerator: Mrs. Heyl

A club designed to give you a hands-on experience with the fundamentals of the United Nations, world affairs, international politics and the art of what a diplomat does. Conferences at Duke, Appalachian State University, and Old Dominion University have been attended in the past.

Mountain Biking ClubModerator: Mrs. Gallagher

Our goal is to create a rigorous, yet fun and inclusive program that promotes healthy living. We will welcome riders of all skill and grade levels. No one should be discouraged from joining this group due to their experience level. During rides, the group will be divided into groups based on skill level. Therefore, everyone form experienced riders to first-timers will be able to have a good time. Proper safety gear, namely helmets and close toed shoes are required.

National Honor SocietyModerator: Ms. Cipriano

The National Honor Society is an organization that promotes appropriate recognition for students who reflect outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, character, leadership, and service.Selection of students for membership is the responsibility of a faculty council appointed by the Principal.One of the requirements is a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or above. The faculty council weighs all the other three requirements of character, leadership, and service equally. All members are expected to attend monthly meetings and to make contributions to the Cardinal Gibbons Chapter by participating in chapter service activities.

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Club Directory 8

Pilates ClubModerator: Kathy Stephens

Our goal for the Pilates Club is to introduce Pilates as a form of exercise to those unfamiliar to it and to provide an outlet for those who currently enjoy the benefits of Pilates. I would like this club to be open to both students and faculty and staff. By opening the club to both would be an opportunity for both groups to interact and reap the rewards Pilates offers. Pilates main objective is to strengthen the core and the surrounding “powerhouse” of muscles(the muscles around the lumbar spine). The only essential equipment needed would be a pilates or Yoga mat, although I would like to purchase for the club some Pilates rings and some large exercise balls (or we could use some that might be in the Strength and Conditioning area.

Ping Pong Moderator: Mr. Meyerl

The Cardinal Gibbons Ping Pong Club is designed to provide students with a chance to play the sport of table tennis in an atmosphere that is both engaging and entertaining. The Ping Pong Club meets after school and hosts an annual Ping Pong Tournament in support of a local charity. The club is open to table tennis players of all levels – from beginner to competitive – and is committed to promoting fun and fair play.

RepeaterModerator: Mrs. Garbarine

”Repeater" Cardinal Gibbons' art and literary magazine, provides an opportunity for students to express themselves in the art and literary field. The poems, short stories, and artwork are submitted by the students, judged by the students, selected by the students, edited by the students, and published by the students. Being on staff provides great experience for students while the magazine itself testifies to the other students and community of the incredible talent at Cardinal Gibbons.

Robotics ClubModerator: Ms. Ripollone

The CGHS Robotics Club is open to students of all grade levels and is an exciting and fun experience for anyone interested in robotics, engineering, technology, physics, website development, programming, computers, computer-aided drawing, machining, and design. It is a unique opportunity to see how mathematics, science, and communication skills transform into fully functional robots. Club members also participate in competitions such as theFIRST Tech Challenge.

STAR – Student Technical Assistance Resource ClubModerator: Leslie Coe

I’m a STAR. Be a STAR. These are students with an interest in technology that will be trained to assist their peers as well as teachers with their technological needs. They will often serve as the first line of technological defense when a computer user has a question or challenge. Tasks will range from assisting teachers with using school software such as finalsite to fixing printers and plugging in equipment to our network. Ultimately they will become a large support for their peers as we move towards our 1:1 device initiative. Students do not need a technological background to participate, they will be provided with all necessary skills to perform the tasks that are requested of them.

Science OlympiadModerator: Mrs. Mullins

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Club Directory 9

The Science Club provides opportunities for students interested in competing in one or more organized competitions. The majority of involved students participate in Science Olympiad. This format offers experience in all areas of science and applied science. Fifteen students are chosen to represent Cardinal Gibbons High School at the regional competition held each February. The top teams at the regional competition are invited to the state level contest held in April.Science Olympiad members may also represent Cardinal Gibbons at the regional North Carolina Science Fair held each March or the North Carolina Oceanography contest also held in the spring.This club meets regularly from October through April. Meetings provide students with practice time and access to equipment and assistance with preparation for competition. Cardinal Gibbons science teachers, parents and community members involved in science related fields provide coaching and encouragement for club participants.

Spanish ClubModerator: Mrs. Beale

The Spanish Club will celebrate Hispanic culture and promote interest in the study of Spanish. Our members will engage in cultural activities, provide peer tutoring and participate in other services that include games, crafts, making and eating Hispanic foods, videos in Spanish and occasional trips to restaurants, exhibits or other local events with a Hispanic flavor. The Spanish Club will welcome all students who are interested in Spanish and Hispanic culture

Speech and Debate Club

Moderator: Mr. Yelenic

The Speech and Debate (formally Forensics) Club of Cardinal Gibbons High School competes in both the Tarheel Forensic League and the National Forensic League. Speech and Debate provides opportunities for students to develop their confidence focused on speaking in front of others while using their God-given talents and exploring career options as debaters, actors, politicians, lawyers, teachers, orators and comedians.

Meetings for the club are generally held on Monday afternoons from 3-4:00. Meetings consist of prayer, impromptu style activities designed to develop competitive speaking skills, group practice and individual preparation. Meetings are held more often prior to a scheduled tournament. Tournaments are held monthly and are within driving distance of our school. Transportation is provided except for the “local” meets. Members are not required to attend every scheduled club meeting or tournament.

Students can compete in events including, Public Forum, Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Student Congress, Extemporaneous, Duo,Impromptu, Prose, Poetry, Original Oratory, and Dramatic and Humorous Interpretation. Selections for competition are chosen by the participant with guidance from the club moderator and club officers. Students can earn points and recognition at every competition by placing in their event.

Strategy ClubModerator: Mr. DeLaRosa

The Strategy Club brings students together in order to play various games. Our members play video games, board games, and card games. Among our club's activities are Magic: The Gathering; Chess; Go; Mao; Dungeons and Dragons; Star Wars Battlefront; Halo; and Shogi. Occasionally, we sponsor competitive tournaments within most of the above activities. We meet most days after school in room 209. Our club welcomes all grade levels and all kinds of game.

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Club Directory 10

Student Council

Executive Moderator: Moderator: Mr. RogosichSenior Class Moderator: Mr. HoyingJunior Class Moderator: Sr. LauraSophom*ore Class Moderator: Mrs. LoweFreshman Class Moderator: Mr. Ferguson

The purpose of this organization shall be to; develop attitudes of, and practice in, good citizenship; promote harmonious relations throughout the entire school; improve student- teacher relationships; assist in the management of the school; provide a forum for student expression; promote the general welfare of the school. Freshmen, sophom*ores, juniors and seniors have four elected representatives and the school has four Executive officers.

Studio II Dance ClubModerator: Brooks Owens

Studio II provides students of all levels an opportunity to grow as both dancers and young people outside of the classroom. The Dance Club will meet twice a month on Wednesdays after school. Our club meeting will consist of a dance class ranging in styles such as jazz, ballet, modern, contemporary, musical theater, hip-hop, and improv. Classes will be taught by students, alumni, and gibbons dance teachers providing an opportunity for club members to grow. Studio II Dance club will also host speakers from local studios, organize catholic outreach volunteer opportunities, and field trips to local dance performances and festivals to inspire our members.

Surf ClubModerator: Mr. Curtis

The Surf Club, moderated by our school’s principal, takes a trip once year in order to, you guessed it—go surfing. The club also gives tries to help kids become aware of the environmental issues that effect the surf and our coasts as part of being responsible surfers.

Teen HealthModerator: Terri Ingraham

The teen health club will promote physical, social, environmental and mental healthy living through awareness. The club will partner with the school community. Our aim is to inform and educate about healthy choices such as exercise and diet, leading to positive outcomes for teens.

Tri-M Honors SocietyModerator: Hal SargentTri-M Music Honors Society promotes music at school and in the community. We perform music at the school*(lunch time concert) and in the community (nursing homes etc), help teach younger students to play instruments, sponsor seminars on music careers more. Each student is required to do one music project per year assist the Society in one large project. Students must be members of a music class at school and music have at least a 3.0 GPA to be eligible.

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Club Directory 11

Ultimate FrisbeeModerator: Mr. Tawater

The Crusaders Ultimate Team competes in the sport of ultimate frisbee --an action-packed, player-regulated, sport that challenges a player's agility, running and throwing abilities, and good sportsmanship. The sport is open to both males and females at all grade levels. The team practices twice weekly on the school's front field, plays regular matches with other area high school teams, and competes in state and regional tournaments. The team is a founding member and active participant in the Triangle High School Ultimate Association.

Video ClubModerator: Ms. Ripollone

The objective of the Video Club is to teach students how to create and edit their original digital video. At the end of the year, students will have accumulated footage of faculty and students for school purposes only.

YearbookModerator: Mrs. Barkan

Yearbook II and I is a singular elective course open to juniors and seniors only with the recommendation of the yearbook teacher. It is a yearlong course for one credit. The purpose is to actually prepare the yearbook for publication. Layout design, copy writing, picture selection, and the use of computer-assisted technology make up the basic components of the class.

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