Survivor Game Changers - Mamanuca Islands (2024)

Game Changers - Mamanuca Islands Plot

The 34th season is themed “Game Changers” and takes place in the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji. It features 20 returning castaways who helped evolve the game even further by launching an accelerated level of competition and proven willingness to risk it all.

Survivor Game Changers - Mamanuca Islands aired on March 8th, 2017.

Game Changers - Mamanuca Islands Episodes


1. The Stakes Have Been Raised

March 8th, 2017

1 hr 25 min

It's an epic showdown as two legends set their sights on one another. Also, two castaways attempt to put their past behind them and start a new game while another castaway introduces the "spy shack" 2.0.


2. Survivor Jackpot

March 15th, 2017

42 min

Survivors drop their buffs for a tribe swap, and the game starts from scratch for one set of castaways. Also, one castaway leaves his tribemates stranded in the ocean so he can search their camp for the immunity idol.


3. The Tables Have Turned

March 22nd, 2017

42 min

A dramatic twist in the game sends shockwaves through the tribes. Also, castaways are flying blind at a classic immunity challenge.


4. Dirty Deed

March 29th, 2017

42 min

One castaway searches for an immunity idol they desperately need in order to stay in the game, and another castaway throws their game off balance after they lose their cool.


5. Vote Early, Vote Often

April 5th, 2017

42 min

One castaway is left floating on Exile Island after a tribe switch, and the exiled castaway receives a surprise visit.


6. What Happened on Exile, Stays on Exile

April 12th, 2017

42 min

Emotions run high when the game begins to take a toll on one tribe, and castaways try to pull their way to safety at a physical immunity challenge.


7. There's a New Sheriff in Town

April 19th, 2017

1 hr 25 min

The merge brings another twist in the game that leaves two castaways out of the celebratory feast.


8. A Line Drawn in Concrete

April 26th, 2017

42 min

Friends become enemies when one castaway is caught trying to sabotage another's game.


9. Reinventing How This Game Is Played

May 3rd, 2017

42 min

One castaway's alliance reacts after one of their own admits to flipping, and another Survivor must decide if they should reveal their secret advantage in the game to a trusted ally.


10. It Is Not a High Without a Low

May 10th, 2017

42 min

An emotional reward challenge brings loved ones together and one castaway receives invaluable advice from their special visitor.


11. Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

May 17th, 2017

42 min

Only six castaways will remain after two shocking tribal councils, and castaways pour their hearts into a challenge that could be the key to their safety.


12. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

May 24th, 2017

1 hr 42 min

A historic tribal council takes a shocking turn on one unsuspecting castaway. Then, after a game changing season, one castaway will be crowned sole Survivor and awarded the $1 million dollar prize, on the two-hour season finale.


13. Game Changers Reunion

May 24th, 2017

30 min

The castaways reunite in Los Angeles to discuss the season. Jeff Probst hosts.

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