Merge Dragons event – types of events, rewards, and tips (2024)

Merge Dragons is an adorable puzzle adventure game where you match up items, take care of cute little welps, and reclaim the land from the evil zomblins. Combine beautiful pieces to make stronger items to help you on your journey, as you discover gorgeous, powerful dragons and restore the world to its former glory. Of course, there are also heaps of events and quests that offer up plenty of great goodies, too.

In our Merge Dragons event guide we’ll tell you all about the current Merge Dragons event, points and rewards, cloud keys, different types of events, and more. With our help, pretty soon you’ll be a dragon taming pro with a luscious camp full of flowing fountains, fruitful trees, and the flapping of sweet little wings. What more could you want?

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What is the current Merge Dragons event?

At the moment, there isn’t an active Merge Dragons event. The last event was Owlympus, which ended on September 15. Check back later, as we’ll update this page as new events are released.

Merge Dragons event points and rewards

Every event has a total of ten rewards for you to snag, which you can earn through collecting points by completing event quests. Rewards include event dragon eggs, trees, trophies for you to decorate your camp with, and more.

Types of Merge Dragons Events

Merge Dragons Out-of-Camp events

Out-of-camp events are available once you’ve beaten the Grassy 3 level and have at least 450 dragon power. These events give you access to a new level which can’t be reset, but also doesn’t cost any chalices to re-enter. There are ten rewards available for each event, which can be earned by collecting event point items through:

  • Healing dead land
  • Unlocking cloud keys
  • Opening event chests
  • Collecting limited event harvestables
  • Harvesting and tapping unlimited event harvestables
  • Tapping event quest stars

You will also receive additional rewards if you complete all ten event quests.

Merge Dragons In-Camp Events

In-camp events require you to earn points by interacting with your camp, in order to collect up to ten prizes. Currently, the Camp and Chill event is the only in-camp event running, which requires you to tap on specific objects. If you want to participate, you need an active internet connection and at least 250 dragon power.

Merge Dragons event seasons

To take part in a season, you need to have your app updated and at least 3,000 dragon power. You have 28 days to complete 30 quests revolving around healing dead land, merging or harvesting specific items, and obtaining goal stars or dragons. You can complete these quests in your camp, during levels, or in out-of-camp events.

Every quest you complete will earn you a loot orb called ‘royal rewards’ which will give you plenty of great goodies. Seasons have two different tiers of rewards, one that’s completely free, and the other that’s only accessible if you purchase the Royal Pass, allowing you to earn special season dragons.

Merge Dragons den events

Den events are the newest type to come to Merge Dragons, and are similar to out-of-camp events. To participate, you need to either join an existing den or create your own – but keep in mind, if you leave your current den or try to join a new one in the middle of a den event, you’ll be unable to continue participating (though you’ll still receive the rewards you’ve already earned). The event gives you access to a new level from your camp and the levels map, and though the event level can’t be reset, you won’t need to spend chalices to re-enter.

As with other events, there are ten prizes to claim, with additional rewards if you complete all ten of the quests. You earn points by merging various objects, and will receive more for merging items of a higher level. It’s a good idea to throw five aureus coins into the divine wishing well to get a random boon when playing the den event, which will give you additional points for specific merges or combo chains.

There’s also an extra tier of den rewards which relies on communal effort, and is decided by the overall den score, combining all of the points earned by every den member. This makes teaming up with an active den and working together extremely worthwhile. All den rewards will arrive in your camp at the end of the event.

What are Merge Dragons event cloud keys?

Cloud keys are part of a mechanic where a key stands in front of a cloudy patch, covering tiles (just like the evil fog). The silhouette of an object will be visible beneath the key, and you will need to find items that match the silhouette in order to merge them and clear the clouds. The items beneath the clouds can either be healed or use healing power.

And that’s everything you need to know about Merge Dragons events. Of course, we’ll update this whenever new events start, with full lists of rewards and quests, so you can keep your camp looking beautiful and luxurious. If you want to join the fun, you can download Merge Dragons from Google Play or the App Store today.

Merge Dragons event – types of events, rewards, and tips (2024)


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