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Merge Dragons Challenge 15 - Complete Guide - West Games (1)

Merge Dragons Challenge 15 can leave you a bit shocked for a while. Merge Dragons is one of the most extraordinary mobile games that you can get your hands on these days. With more processing and graphic power being embedded into smartphones, your chances to have a better mobile gaming experience are increasing drastically. Merge Dragons offer you gameplay that is filled with magic, vibrant colors, challenging puzzles, and a lot more than you can enjoy anytime and anyplace.

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That is probably one of the most main reasons that merge dragon is getting highly popular among players these days. The game is interesting for all the good reasons including magical storyline, immersive graphics, cool animations, the right choice of music and SFX, and a lot more. It is a fantasy land of your own that you can join and have the fun for your boring time while you are commuting or sitting at your office wondering how to kill all the stress.

Challenge Levels

There are over 200 levels in merge dragons but all those levels are not regular levels. You get a chance to have some secret levels as well as hidden across the map that you can have a chance to play and win some surprisingly cool rewards upon completion.

Along with all that, there are also some challenge levels that are not hidden but, are represented by a goblet and are pretty much difficult than the regular level. Hence, named challenge levels. With the right practice and a sharp mind, you can cover up these levels pretty well and bag some super cool awards while you are at it. If you are stuck at some level, you can always get guidance as well. One such challenge level is Challenge 15.

Merge Dragons Challenge 15

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You have not seen any level like this one over your whole career in the game. This is one of the most complicated levels that you are going to face and the pressure is building on that you can feel by the first look at this level. Challenge Level 15 comes at 99 Level in the game and is also known as Lucky Isles. The name tells the tale as there are several islands on the level making things harder for you to anticipate.

These islands don’t only increase the complexity of the level for you but also have hidden puzzles that you need to solve in order to ace this level and bag those rewards. Needless to say, that the high chalice cost that is 7 Chalice for this level will build pressure on you as well. You will not get a second chance for another day so you have to make your only try for the day count and make sure that you are making all the right moves.

All these islands filled with darkness need some healing and that is what you are going to do while you are at this level. The land is full of dead land and super dead land with 4 possible Destroyed Gaia’s statues. You need to heal all these lands complete your star goals and achieve the end goal that is restoring Gaia’s statue on this land. There are all the resources that you might need available on this land so you don’t need to worry about that.

All you have to do is be quick and make sure that you are completing the goals without making a single mistake while you are at it. The goals are not that easy to achieve at this level either, that is why you need to pay close attention to them.

Star Goals

Star levels on this goal are not as simple as they are on other challenge levels. That is why you need to have some instincts along with all the experience from previous levels put together on this game. These star goals are complicated, but worth the prizes so buckle up and make sure that you are following the right strategy. Make sure to devise the strategy according to these goals to ensure a better experience at this level and you don’t have to wait for another day to have one more go at this level.

The first goal to get the star is to drop 12 dragons on the bushes. You need to locate these bushes across the spread islands and merge the grass dragon egg with adjacent four grass dragon eggs on the dead land. This will get you the right dragons that you can breed.

The second goal is fairly simple comparatively as all you have to do is achieve 20000 expert points. These points will be achieved easily as you continue with merging and make the right moves. You need to let the dragons shoot the demon gate and that will allow them to free the cloudy summit as well. A rain cloud would be enough to make it rain and create the mushrooms for you. The life orb that you found earlier should be used here to heal the rest of the land.

Now that you have cleared the cloudy summit and healed all the land, you will reveal the secret. This secret is hidden under the cloudy summit and will be revealed after you have properly healed it. That will complete your third-star goal and earn you a star. It will also make things smoother to move forward towards the end goal.

End Goal

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End Goal on this level is the same as most of the challenge levels and should not be much harder for you. Once your dragons have destroyed the demon gates, you will find pieces of destroyed Gaia’s statute that you need to merge to create a restored Gaia’s statue and this will complete the level for you.


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Rewards on this level are pretty much interesting. Given the difficulty of this level and high chalice cost, I must say that they are worth all the effort. You will have a chance to earn Shrub Sprouts, Green Dragon Egg, or a Magic Shroom cluster upon completion of this level.

Merge Dragons Challenge 15 - Complete Guide - West Games (2024)


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