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Merge Dragons: Challenge 1 Guide - West Games (1)

Merge Dragons:

Merge Dragons is an upcoming popular mobile game ranked #61 on Top Grossing Games. The Game is released by Gram Games on June 29, 2017. The studio has released popular titles the likes of 1010, Paint Tower, Bounzy, Six, Merged, Merge Town, Merge Farm and Merge Gems.

Merge dragons as quoted by its creator Ray Mazza is inspired by The Sims Social, SimCity Social, and especially Triple Town. The core gameplay of Merge Dragons consists of solving puzzles through merging different elements placed throughout the cursed land thus healing it. A player will acquire rewards corresponding to the task difficulty and he/she will take those rewards to further evolve his/her assets. Better assets translate to greater ability, allowing you to challenge further levels, and thus unlocking new more exciting abilities.

Challenge levels:

Challenge levels differ from regular levels as they provide the player with an alternative to test his/her skills. The player is required to spend an amount of Dragon chalice that varies from level to level to attempt a challenge. A challenge is specified by a grey goblet icon on the map.

Merge Dragons Challenge 1:

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Once a player has gathered the required amount of Dragon chalice i.e only one for this level he/she can proceed to tap the gray goblet. The very first thing a player will notice are the three clear stages which are labeled first win, second win, and final win respectively. The amount of Dragon chalice required for each sub-stage is the same. But the time required for completion reduces as a player progresses through the stages.

For First Win

The following steps will allow a player to successfully attempt at completing merging dragons challenge level 1

  1. The very first thing a player needs to do is birthing his/her dragons who are essential for harvesting life flowers. It can be done by placing and combining the 7 grass dragon eggs as shown in the image. The combination will give birth to 3 dragons for the player to use.
  2. Merge Dragons: Challenge 1 Guide - West Games (3)
  3. The second essential step in healing the land. That can only be achieved through harvesting and creating life flowers. At the beginning of every stage, a player is given a set amount of life flower sprouts which can be combined in the manner as shown through the image to create two life flowers lv. 2.
  4. Merge Dragons: Challenge 1 Guide - West Games (4)
  5. Create a life flower lv. 1 will give out a single life essence which is indicated by a floating bright golden heart. Tapping on a life essence commands it to heal the land unlocking more elements for you to combine. As life essence is the lowest level of its multiple forms it has a limited amount of healing power. Combining three life essences will give birth to a tiny life orb with the much higher healing power of 4 units. So after creating the two life essences, the player is advised to tap on them thus starting the healing process. Also at the same time, the player will direct his dragons to harvest the two existing life flowers for more life essences.
  6. Merge Dragons: Challenge 1 Guide - West Games (5)
  7. After the orbs have unlocked some elements in the map through their limited amount of healing power. The next step is yo create more life flowers for harvesting. This can only be done through combining life flower sprouts and if a player sees no life flower sprouts he/she has to create them by combining other elements in the map. Which are the three Tanzanite plains grass at this level? Combining them as shown in the image will create a single life flower sprout.
  8. Merge Dragons: Challenge 1 Guide - West Games (6)
  9. The next step is to use the un-corrupted movable life flower sprout and combine it with two other life flower sprouts to create a single life flower.
  10. Merge Dragons: Challenge 1 Guide - West Games (7)
  11. Now as you have already created 3 life flowers you can now combine it to create a blue life flower lv. 3. Creating it will provide you with two more life essences to tap and heal.
  12. Merge Dragons: Challenge 1 Guide - West Games (8)
  13. At this point, the player should be approaching the part where he has to heal the Gaia statues. The player can start by combining three life essences into a tiny life orb for more potent healing power.
  14. Merge Dragons: Challenge 1 Guide - West Games (9)
  15. The next step will be placing the tiny life orb near the Emerald plains grass then combining the three kinds of grass to create 3 life essences. Which will then heal a statue and give us a life flower sprout to combine.
  16. Merge Dragons: Challenge 1 Guide - West Games (10)
  17. The next step which is the final step is to combine the remaining three life flower sprouts and use the generated life essences to heal the final statue. Thus combining the three and solving the stage within the time limit.
  18. Merge Dragons: Challenge 1 Guide - West Games (11)

Now that a player has cleared the first win he can proceed in clearing the 2nd and final win. The most important thing to keep in mind is the organization. Placing your objects with minimal movement in the right positions consuming the least amount of time. As time a player is provided with gets reduced the further he/she progresses.

Most of the steps are similar in execution, just more efficient. But some steps are to be taken differently to conserve time as much as possible

For Second Win

The following steps with reference images will allow a player to breeze through the second win.

  1. Similar to the first win a player has to combine the Grass dragon eggs giving birth to 3 dragons
  2. The next few steps follow the same rhythm i.e merging the life flower sprouts to create two life flowers. Allowing your dragons to harvest them as you simultaneously tap the life essences and merge the three Tanzanite plains grass to create a life flower sprout then merging that to create another life flower. Also similar to the first clear merging the three life flowers into a blue life flower.
  3. Now that you have tapped on the life essences for healing this next step follows a different pattern. Which demands the player to merge his/her dragons creating a dragon kid and some new life essences. Take three of those life essences and merge them into a tiny life orb. The player also has to give the command to his dragon’s kid allowing it to harvest the blue life flower
  4. The next few steps follow the same pattern i.e tapping the tiny life orb to heal the statues and keep allowing the harvested life essences to do the same until all statues are healed. Then combining them to clear the stage in time.

After the player has cleared the first and second wins. To clear the final win is a matter of practice and speed.

For Third Win

Most of the procedure follows a similar pattern a single few steps that are different are detailed below

  1. After merging the grass dragon eggs you immediately merge the dragons into a dragon kid creating a combo bonus orb. The next few steps follow the same procedure of merging the life flower sprouts into two life flowers and merging the three Tanzanite plains grass into a life flower sprout. After that, the player emerges the life flower sprout into the third life flower creating a blue life flower for the dragon kid to harvest.
  2. The next steps require the player to merge the Emerald plains grass thus healing the Gaia statues with life essences and merging them to clear the stage in time.

Merge Dragons: Challenge 1 Guide - West Games (12)

This concludes the step by step guide to clearing the challenge level 1 of Merge Dragons

Merge Dragons: Challenge 1 Guide - West Games (2024)


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