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4, 1 October 2, 1995 MONDAY 35 Cents 7 MARTINSVILLE BULLETIN Volume 106, No. 236 Martinsville, Virginia TODAY VIRGINIA No winner in Lotto RICHMOND -No one matched all six numbers for a $4 million Lotto jackpot, the Virginia Lottery said Sunday. Saturday's correct combination was five, seven, 13. 25. 36 and 38.

The Lottery department said 58 tickets matched five of six numbers for $1,220 apiece and 3,023 tickets matched four of six numbers for $50 each. There were 49,928 tickets that matched three of six numbers for a free play. Wednesday's estimated Lotto jackpot rises to $5.5 million. The Lottery department also said three tickets matched all five numbers in the Cash Five game for $25,000 apiece. The numbers were 12, 13.

25, 27 and 28. NATION Parents of 8 are siblings DADE CITY, Fla. A mother and father also are brother and sister, and da judge must decide what to do with their eight children. Deborah 44, William 64. were charged with felony incest after blood tests confirmed the two were siblings and they were the parents of a 1-year-old girl.

Authorities said there was no reason to test their other seven children because the statute of limitations had run out in their cases. The parents' full names were being withheld to protect the children's identities. The charges were filed in March. Deborah M. was given custody of the children pending an Oct.

30 trial, provided she no longer has contact with her brother. Paper strike heats up DETROIT- -Peaceful protests deteriorated into violent conflict as union picketers tried to keep trucks from reaching Detroit Newspapers distribution centers. "Things are definitely getting a little more heated, no question," said deputy police chief Benny Napoleon. At least two police officers suffered minor injuries early Sunday when they were struck by picket signs. and the union said four protesters were injured.

At least 17 people were arrested, most on charges of malicious destruction of property. The clash between police and guards and picketers followed peaceful protests late Saturday at two printing plants. Last weekend, police dismantled a homemade bomb outside a distribution a homemade bomb outside a distribution center. WORLD Sybil death toll now at 45 MANILA, Philippines A huge landslide caused by tropical storm Sybil has left at least 14 people dead in the northern Philippines, raising the storm's death toll to 45, officials said today. Five others were reported missing and 10 injured in the landslide, which buried the victims' houses Sunday afternoon as the storm lashed the mountain village of Kanakin 150 miles north of Manila.

Elsewhere, police and soldiers using helicopters and boats today began rescuing hundreds of hungry and rain-soaked residents who had stayed overnight Sunday on rooftops to escape rising flood waters. Sybil. the 10th tropical storm to enter the Philippine area this year, began sweeping across the country Friday, first hitting Mindanao in the south then blowing northwestward through the central Visayas islands. Yucatan flooded by storm MEXICO CITY After crossing over the Mayan pyramids of the Yucatan Peninsula, Tropical Storm Opal moved into the Gulf of Mexico, where it slowed today and appeared to be building strength. Forecasters said it could become a hurricane later in the day.

It was unclear where the storm. with its 65-mph winds, would head next. The storm was expected to turn gradually north, possibly even northeast toward the United States. It was too early to say when it might hit land. "We see that as a scenario, but it's moving so slowly that it still could be over the gulf in three days." said Richard Pasch at the National Hurricane Center in Miami.

Today, the storm was moving west at only 4 mph as heavy rain fell on coastal areas, flooding Mexico's eastern states and closing fishing and commercial ports. Today, partly sunny. Highs 80s. TODAY TOMORROW Tonight, cloudiincreasing ness. Lows 50s.

Tuesday, chance of afternoon showers. Highs 70s. Page 2-A Deputy injured in wreck i 'Henry County Deputy J.D. Whitlow was slightly ginia 687 in the Preston community. (Bulletin photo injured Sunday night after his patrol Sign slows By GLENN WOHLTMANN Bulletin Staff Writer Accidents are down at a dangerous intersection in southern Henry County, but only one of three steps planned to correct trouble there actually is in place.

Only one accident has been reported recently at the intersection, near Clarence's Steak and Seafood House on U.S. 220 south next to an Exxon station that caters to trucks. Following a fatal accident in January and a clamor from local residents, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). took, steps to car ran off Vir- by Mike Wray) ac accident rate at increase safety. them that trucks were pulling out from But only one of three measures between Clarence's and the Exxon stareducing the speed limit from 55 to 50 tion next door, where it is still legal mph is fully in effect.

to turn north. Those trucks wound up A "No U-Turn" sign was installed at blocking a lane, creating the same a crossover near Garden Drive, just problem officials were hoping to south of the restaurant and gas station, solve. to prevent trucks from blocking a lane Amos said Thursday that there while turning to head north on U.S. have been no problems reported 220. since the sign was removed.

The idea, according to VDOT Resi- Oversize signs with flashing lights dent Engineer Joel Amos, was to force also were to be installed, warning trucks to go farther south before 'Ai- motorists of a dangerous intersection. turning around to head north on U.S. The signs were installed, but not the 220. lights. Amos said the contractor has That sign was taken down when res- had problems making time to do the idents called.

VDOT officials to tell work, but added the lights still will go 0.7 By MARY T. ROBBINS Bulletin Staff Writer A Henry County Sheriff's Office deputy is in stable condition after his patrol car careened into a cement embankment and overturned Sunday. The accident occurred on Virginia 687 in Preston between 7 and 8 p.m. when Dep. J.D.

Whitlow was on his way to assist another deputy on a call in Bassett, according to Whitlow and Capt. Wayne Dodson. After rescue workers arrived, Lifeguard 10 was called and Whitlow was airlifted to Roanoke Memorial Hospital. "I really don't have any idea what Whitlow, happened," said Whitlow 29, this morning from his bed in the Neuro Trauma Care Unit at Roanoke Memorial, where he was listed in stable condition. "I haven't really sat back to think about it to see what exactly happened." Whitlow said he remembers trav See WRECK, Page 2-A crossover up.

Still, there has been a noted reduction in accidents there. with only one relatively minor wreck since spring. Amos recalled. "As far as I know, there's been no serious accidents, or major ones. any.

way." he said. State Police Sgt. J.M. Phillippi agreed that the accident rate "seems to be lower, for the last little bit." Amos and the Rev. James M.

Wright of Ridgeway one of the activists involved in the push for safety measures speculated another factor may have been at work. See CROSSOVER. Page 2-A Christian group single-minded in its purpose By PATRICIA KOGER Bulletin Accent Editor Area Christian singles are facing the future with a different outlook as the result a newly formed group designed just for them. FACES (Fellowship of Area adult Christian Ecumenical Singles) held its organizational meeting May 20, according to Edna Griffith, one of the founding members. She said about 16 single and "single again" adults attended the meeting.

Their membership and mailing list quickly grew to more than 80 at last count. Griffith, of Fieldale, said the members included adults ranging from 20 to 60 years of age who Lynn Turner have never been married as well as those who have lost spouses due to death or divorce. Never having been married herself, she said society tends to have a distorted view of singles. "We're not out there whooping it up," Griffith said. "Society may make you feel left out like there's something odd about you." Edna Griffith weren't Many even of the going to singles the movies because they didn't want to go alone, she said.

See SINGLES, Page 2-A INSIDE NATION Muslims convicted of conspiracy in New York bombing. Page 6-A WORLD A Earthquake devastates city. Page 5-B MARTINSVILLE BULLETIN IS YOUR SOURCE AT 3 MARINE FOR TOTS Terry Stapleton is collecting toys for a Martinsville and Henry County. (Bulletin phoToys for Tots campaign she has launched in to by Mike Wray) Christmas '94 memory leads woman to organize toy drive By SHARON BERRY "If I had had the money. I would have bought Bulletin Staff Writer them a tree," Stapleton said of that family.

Stapleton and her husband. C.W. Stapleton. howevThe image of a couple of children waiting coat- er, were just starting their own family. less in the cold to catch a school bus has stayed Now the mother of a 1-year-old son, Jesse, Stawith a Henry County woman for nearly a year now.

pleton is spending as much time as possible orgaJust as clear in Terry Stapleton's memory is the nizing the local "Toys for Tots." She decided to image of a church van unloading Christmas toys work on the campaign in August. She hopes her at the same home. As Stapleton witnessed that efforts will make Christmas brighter for needy scene last year, she breathed a sigh of relief. She children. had passed that home every morning and had A native of Beckley, W.Va., Stapleton was familnoticed that unlike the other homes, that one did iar with "Toys for Tots" and knew the program not have a Christmas tree, she said.

is sponsored by the Marines. So her first step was Nearly a year later, those memories have to contact the Marine Corps Reserve Office in prompted Stapleton, who lives on Stone's Dairy Roanoke. Road, to organize a "Toys for Tots" drive in Martinsville and Henry County. See TOY, Page 2-A INDEX 6-A Opinion. 4-A Bridge.

4-B Sports. 1-3-B Calendar 5-A State 3-A SPORTS The Washington Red- Classified 5-6-B Stocks 5-A skins pulled off a shock- Comics 4-B Stroller. Television 4-A 4-B er Sunday, upsetting the Crossword 4-B Dallas Cowboys 26-23. Horoscope 4-B Weather 2-A 6-A World 5-B Obituaries 5-A Page 1-B Two sections, twelve pages Got an idea for a story? Call (540) 638-8801 THE FOR LOCAL NEWS AND SPORTS..

Martinsville Bulletin from Martinsville, Virginia (2024)


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