Martinsville Bulletin from Martinsville, Virginia (2024)

Monday, March 14.2016 A2 MARTINSVILLE BULLETIN WEATHER FIVE-DAY FORECAST FOR MARTINSVILLE NATIONAL FORECAST systems and precipitation. Temperature bands are highs tor the day, TODAY TONIGHT TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY. Shown are noon positions of weather Winnipeg Montreal Toronto Minneapolis New York Detroit 'Chicago A few strong A couple of strong Mostly sunny and A shower and Partly sunny and Variable San t-storms this thunderstorm not as warm cloudiness Francisco Denver. Washington evening t-storms very warm Kansas City afternoon around HIGH: LOW: Los Angeles Atlanta El Paso Houston ALMANAC REGIONAL FORECAST Chihuahua Miami Martinsville ending 4 p.m. Sunday, Shown is today's weather, Temperatures are today's highs' and tonight's lows.

Monterrey TEMPERATURE A Rain Showers: Snow Flurries Cold Front Warm Front Stationary Front. Normal Salem 20s 40s 70s 805 Record high in 1990 Blacksburg Bedford Record low in 1998 NATIONAL CITIES PRECIPITATION (in inches) Today, Tue. Today Tue. Roanoke 0.06 Radford City City Today Tue. 24 hrs ending 4 p.m.

Sun. City Brookneal Albuquerque Detroit New York City Month to date 0.45 Christians Callaway El Paso Oklahoma City Normal month to date, 1.62 Atlanta Anchorage Honolulu Omaha Year to date 7.71 Baltimore Houston Orlando Normal year to date 8.36 Rocky Mount Billings Indianapolis Philadelphia Birmingham Jackson, MS Phoenix REGIONAL TEMPERATURES Boise Kansas City Pittsburgh Altavista: Indian Valley Chatham Boston. Las Vegas Portland, ME Blacksburg 3 Charleston, SC Little Rock Portland, OR Danville Bassett Charleston, WV. Los Angeles Rapid City. Hillsville: Chicago: Louisville St.

Salt Louis Lake City: Cincinnati Memphis Greensboro, NC Gretna South Boston Cleveland Miami San Francisco Hillsville Stuart MARTINSVILLE Columbia Milwaukee Seattle, Lynchburg Dallas Minneapolis Washington, DC Roanoke Denver Nashville Wichita NC Danbury Eden Yanceyville, Des Moines New Orleans Wilmington, DE: Stuart Mount Airy REGIONAL CITIES WORLD CITIES Roxboro Today Tue. Today Tue: Today Tue: Winston-Salem, NC VIRGINIA EXTREMES King Reidsville City City City High Fentress. Asheville Lumberton Acapulco Low Melfa Bristol Morehead City: Athens Chapel Hill Mount Airy. Beijing NATIONAL EXTREMES Winston-Salem: Burlington Hillsborough Charlotte Myrtle Beach Berlin for the 48 contiguous states Charlottesville Nags Head: Buenos Aires High McAllen, TX Kernersville Chase City Newport News Cairo Low Big Piney, WY. 1 Culpeper: Norfolk Hong Kong Durham Petersburg Johannesburg LAKE LEVELS BEACH FORECAST Emporia Raleigh Pulaski: Lima London In feet as of 7.

a.m. Sunday Fayetteville, NC Richmond Madrid Lakes a Full Pool Level Chng VIRGINIA BEACH: Wind SSW 6-12 knots MYRTLE BEACH: Wind SSW.7-14 knots: Fredericksburg South Boston Mexico City Smith Mt. Lake. 795: 794.82. becoming today.

Seas 143 feet. Visibility today: Seas 2-4 feet. Visibility unrestricted. Front Royal: Staunton Montreal generally clear. Wind SW.

7-14 knots tonight. Seas 2-4 feet. A Goldsboro Virginia Beach -Moscow Philpott Dam 974 973.19 thunderstorm early. Harrisonburg Waynesboro New Delhi Claytor Lake 1846 1845.61 Hickory Williamsburg Paris: Carvins Cove 1170 1170.00 none OUTER BANKS: Wind SW. 5-12 knots today.

HILTON HEAD: Wind SSW 6-12 knots today. Hillsville. Wilmington Rome Seas 3-5 feet. Visibility less than 2 miles in a Seas 2-4 feet. Visibility generally unrestricted.

Johnson City, TN Winchester. Sydney Forecasts and graphics provided by morning shower; otherwise, clear. Wind SW 6-12 knots tonight. Seas 2-4 feet. Knoxville: Wytheville Tokyo AccuWeather, Inc.

Clear. Weather sunny, pic partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh- showers, thunderstorms, retain, sf-snow flurries, sn snow, rice PROGRAM "If we say nothing, we CAMPS Education Research Cen- using National Integrated From Page A1 From Page A1 ter to offer hands-on expe- Cyber Education Research riences that are problem- Center (NICERC) curricuuntil 1865. know nothing, and if ville City Schools Assis- students in based STEM activities to lum resources," Hicks said. In 1957, he said, Congress tant Superintendent of our develop their cyber order lit- to "Teachers participated in have a two-day already passed the first since: voting Recon- rights, we know nothing, we ring, Instruction the camp Angilee for city Down- high eracy. training session designed legislation "The demand for an to: expose them to the struction, and passed the school students will in be grades held expanded cybersecurity NICERC curriculum and Voting However, Rights he said, Act a in recent 1965: do nothing.

Therefore, 10 from through June 13 12 through June workforce is swiftly rising. assist them in planning 30 at Martinsville High said Donna Hicks, Cyber camp was events much for students. Supreme Court decision Security Camp Coordina- There excitechiseled legislation. away at that federal we cannot fight for our "We plan to include tor for Henry County Public School. ment during training as "In 2013, the Supreme guest speakers from local Schools.

"With more than educators from our region Court passed a decision rights. industry, law enforce- rity 17,000 jobs in Virginia cybersecu- alone, stories programmed about robots, cybersecurity wrote unfilled down the heart of the Vot- working entities such the need for exposing our which effectively struck ment, and local IT Netscenarios, and tapped into ing Rights Act of 1965," Elijah Coles Brown Founder of Dreamers Imagine as NASA and Eastman students and teachers to their MacGyver' creativity Brown said, "It allows states Chemical," Downing said. This field summer, critical" to craft tools with available this is to change the election laws Other speakers at the Mays: "It is not a disaster trips will be sched- said, the camp will involve Hicks resources" and the sion without of the the federal advance govern- President Naomi Hodge- ideal, but it is a disaster your to employers such as Alcon Magna Vista High School start of camp in June, she permis- event included local NAACP. to be unable to capture uled to local industry and Between now ment. And this has already Muse, New College Institute have no ideal to capture.

It Titanium, who can share is to students, expand though the hope said, county teachers will been done by nine states, (NCI) Associate Director is not a disgrace not to reach with our students some the camp to be mapping out plans for mostly in the Don't and Chief Academic Officer the stars, but it is a disgrace real world cybersecurity county middle School schools and in and activities, field trips, guest speakers Bassett High you many. realize states that have in already, tive Leanna Centers Blevins for and Science Integra- and Boaz discussed the Col- how they are addressing the future. The 38 Virginia school 2016, to have no stars to reach for." and regressed by implementing Medicine (ICSM) President. lege of Henricopolis School them. Our camp will uti- camp is to primary increase goal of aware- the based divisions on the were percentage selected of are just restrictions subtle that ways many of dis- say Hodge-Muse discussed ville and said that the col- riculum developed cybersecurity by cur- the ness of Dr.

Noel Boaz. of Medicine in Martins- lize a careers in cyberse- students eligible for freecriminating against people what she described as a lege would place a great National Integrated Cyber curity activities through and hands-on projects or according reduced-price to the release. meals, of color? These are not: "toxic" political atmosphere emphasis on diversity, as all subtle ways. These are a bla- in America, and said that people are deserving of good tant repeat of past history" voter apathy was to blame. health.

Brown admonished the She encouraged attendees Awards also were pre- RESTORE magazine article about start repairs. audience to fight for the to vote in local and state sented to area residents to From Page A1 the owner's decision to Stoltzfus said he right to vote, just as previ- elections, not just national recognize and honor their sell or scrap it. He said thought the reclamation ous generations did. elections. services toward the com- White House Museum.

The he hoped someone would project was "impossible" Our vote is our voice, Hodge: Muse also munity. Those recognized aircraft nearly collided, and buy and preserve. the when he first saw the plane, and if we don't vote, we're encouraged parents to included Briana Brim, afterward, the president's plane, but he didn't want but he changed his mind saying nothing," he said. "If spend more time, help Linda Brim, Patricia Carter, airplane became known as to he that guy; after about 24 hours. we say nothing, we know, ring their children achieve George Dalton Valeria "Air Force Eventually, though, he A Everything, he said, nothing, and if we know their dreams.

She recom- Edwards, Mable Finney, Mel Christler bought called and learned that no was overcome able. nothing, we do nothing. mended that parents visit Jacquez Hairston, Artis the airplane at a U.S. Air one had come forward: The That decision came at Therefore, we cannot fight the website KhanAcademy. Law, Shoalin McGuire, Force auction in 1970 thought of Eisenhower's a price, one Stoltzfus said for our rights." org, which offers free online Kathy King Penn, Taveon and scavenged parts from plane winding up as scrap he can't divulge because A young entrepreneur, exercises and instructional Redd, Doris: Scales, Mar: it for a decade before metal bothered him.

of contract terms. But Brown has a company videos to help parents and shall Thomas, Dwayne learning of its history, I didn't want to sec. he said he paid a bit less called "Dreamers Imagine, teachers empower students. Waller, Chestnut Knob according to a town of somebody drinking a beer," than the $1.5 million askdevoted to and inspiring people Blevins encouraged ner Ruritan Club, and The Diversified Mill- Marana news release. it It.

if the Stoltzfus said, "and wonder. ing price. price. to read; achieve their attendees to consider, Sisters took: 10 years to get beer can came from Plane parts also haven't dreams. He has spoken at attending NCI, as no one is Medical Transport.

back into flying shape, that plane." come cheap, and he said numerous engagements ever too old to attend col- The fundraising event and he showed it for 15. He asked his twin company employees have Kin Virginia. His website is lege. She cited a quote 14. from was sponsored by the Free- years before parking brother, Ken, to take a put more than 8,000 hours.

located at www.dreamersi- African American Civil dom Fund Committee, outdoors at the airport look at the aircraft. The into repairing the Rights leader Benjamin chaired by Alfred Hairston. just northwest of Tucson. sellers agreed to allow a bine II.

The Columbine I three-month "It's a substantial investcame on Stoltzfus's and Dynamic Aviation ment," Stoltzfus said of Visit W. when radar he in read October an aviation 2014, West mechanics to look were it over sent and out what's project to been date. spent on the A MARTINSVILLE BULLETIN Subscriptions Founded 1889 Home delivery by motor route: LOTTERY $8.95 Carriers per are independent per contractors year and not employees of PICK 4 How to reach us 276-638-8801 or Toll free 6575 CASH 5. PICK 3 The Martinsville Bulletin, Inc. The Martinsville Bulletin is not Sunday, March 13 Sunday, March 13 Sunday, March 13 News Exts.

Display 224, Advertising 226, 249, 269 carriers or their agents. Subscribers may pay in advance to 8-9-5-1 (day) 2-7-9-23-24 (day) 3-8-9 responsible for advance payments made to its independent: Questions, suggestions, ext. 222, the Bulletin. Credit will be (day) 245 given carrier each month. Sports, 276-638-8807 $16 per three months Saturday, March 12 Saturday, March 12 ext.

241 Classified Advertising By mall: Accent, ext. 243 Saturday, March 12 Editorials, letters to editor, $96 six year. 6-4-7-2 (day) 3-10-18-25-27 (day) 9-5-5 (day) ext. 232 Billing, Business ext. 220, 268.

The daily except Saturday Bulletin by the (USPS Martinsville 331-320) is Bulletin, 0-4-3-6 (night) 2-4-10-26-29 (night) 2-5-9 (night) Martinsville published Billing Circulation inquiries, ext. 20205 Administration Periodicals postage paid at Martinsville, Va, MEGA MILLIONS 204 Broad Martinsville, Va. 241.12. POWERBALL To subscribe, ext. 203, 202 Cindy Morgan, publisher, Malling address: Friday, March 11 Saturday, March 12 Missed papers, ext.

201 ext. 213 45 7 Martinsville Bulletin, P.O. Box 3711, Martinsville, 24115.5 14-18-48-54-71 Mega Ball: 13 (4x) 11-28-50-57-62 Brandon Walker, editor, Postmaster: Send address changes to: Powerball: 23 (2x): ext. 245 P.O. Box 3711, Martinsville, 24115: Website: BANK A MILLION Advertising fax: 276-638-4153 News fax: 276-638-7409 Saturday, March 12 3-14-19-20-21-31 Bonus Ball: 25.

Martinsville Bulletin from Martinsville, Virginia (2024)


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