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ht. Wednesday, April 6, 2016: MARTINSVILLE BULLETIN A9 NATION A Hospitals hacked despite software warnings Company exec says no medical data compromised WASHINGTON (AP) The hackers who seriously disrupted operations at a large hospital chain recently and held some data hostage into a computer server left vulnerable despite urgent public warnings in 2007 and in 2010 that it needed to be fixed with a simple update, The Associated Press has learned. The hackers exploited design flaws that had persisted on the MedStar Health Inc. network, according to a person familiar with the investigation who spoke on condition of anonymity and others issued: urgent because this person was not warnings about the security authorized to discuss the problem and a related flaw findings publicly, The flaws in February 2007. March were in a Boss application 2010 and again earlier this server supported by Red Hat week.

The government Inc. and other organizations, warned in 2007 the problem the person said. could disrupt operations The FBI, which is and allow for unauthorized investigating, declined to disclosures of confidential discuss how the hackers broke information. in. Fixing the problem The Boss technology is involved installing an popular because it allows available update or manually programmers to write deleting two lines of software custom built software tools code.

that can be quickly made It was not immediately available across a company, clear. why the hospital but security researchers chain, which operates 10. discovered it was routinely hospitals in Maryland and misconfigured to allow Washington including unauthorized outside the MedStar Georgetown users to gain control. The University Hospital, was U.S. government, Red Hat still vulnerable years after Associated Press People protest in front of the Progressive Party headquarters building Tuesday in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Panama Papers could add to outrage in campaign AUSTIN, Texas (AP) The revelations in the Panama Papers could add to the populist outrage in the presidential race by confirming many of the fears of Bernie Sanders supporters on the left and contributing to the distrust that drives people to Donald Trump on theright. So far, the 11.5 million leaked documents have shed light mostly on foreign figures such as the prime minister of Iceland, who resigned Tuesday after the public. learned that he used a shell company to shelter large sums of money while his country's economy foundered. The reaction in the U.S. has been relatively muted.

But voters and experts suggested that the papers could still validate the frustration of blue-collar Sanders supporters who feel that hard work is no longer enough to get ahead in America and the anger of Trump partisans who say it will take someone who knows the insider system to dismantle it. Retired Wisconsin high amass staggering wealth and school teacher Steve Nibbe, find elaborate ways to hide. who was voting for Sanders it from tax collectors, bank on Tuesday in Wisconsin's regulators and police. presidential primary, said The passports of at least word of the documents made 200 Americans are included him "sit up and take notice." in the documents, according But he said he was not to news organizations shocked. that have access to them, "It just seems that those though none are thought to who have wealth and be as famous as celebrities sometimes that comes with and politicians from other privilege -are able to do countries, such as Russian things that other people are President Vladimir Putin and not, said Nibbe, 60, from Argentine soccer star Lionel Verona, outside the state: Messi.

capital of Madison. In all, 12 current or Joe Brettell, a Republican former heads of state are strategist based in Houston, included in the legal records doubted whether the public's from Panama's Mossack fury could get much worse. Fonseca law Firm. They "The populist anger being were first leaked Sunday to fueled primarily by white the Sucddeutsche Zeitung working class Americans newspaper based in Munich, didn't need any more fuel," Germany. Brettell said.

"They've already Charles Postel, a history lived through the financial professor at San Francisco meltdown. They've already State University who has lived through the lack of studied American populism middle class wage increases and wrote a book titled "The even as the stock market Populist said of boomed." Sanders, "This is just the type The papers illustrate how of thing that is animating his. a small class of global elites base." U.S. official says no access to financial system for Iran WASHINGTON (AP) Iran will not be given access to the U.S. financial system as part of the sanctions relief granted under the landmark nuclear deal, according to a senior Obama administration official who disputed reports that Tehran will be able todeal directly with U.S.

banks. Testifying Tuesday before, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee; Thomas Shannon, the undersecretary of state for political affairs, sought to tamp down speculation the administration may relax. the prohibition that prevents U.S. dollars from being used in transactions with Iran. Angry lawmakers, who, contend the U.S.

was taken advantage of in the deal, have countered that Tehran would be getting more than: it deserves from the internaational nuclear pact reached last year. "The rumors and news that has appeared in the press that," those warnings. 'The new disclosure doesn't diminish the potential culpability of the hackers responsible for the break-in, but it rescals. important details about how the crime unfolded. And it could affect MedStar's civil or administrative exposure under U.S.

laws and regulations that require health providers to exercise reasonable diligence to protect their systems. MedStar's assistant vice president, Ann C. Nickles, said in a statement Tuesday to the AP that the company "maintains constant surveillance of its IT networks inconcert withouroutside IT partners and cybersecurity experts. We continuously apply patches and other defenses to, protect the encouraging copycat hackers: security and confidentiality The MedStar hackers of patient and associate employed virus like information." MedStar said software known as Samas, Monday its systems are or that scours almost fully backonline, just the Internet searching for over a week after the March accessible and vulnerable 28. hacking.

The company Boss application servers, hired experts from Symantec especially ones used by Corp. to help investigate. hospitals. It's the realNickles said Tuesday there. world equivalent of rattling was no evidence that patient doorknobs in a neighborhood or employce records were to find unlocked homes.

compromised. When it finds one, the MedStar said in a software breaks in using the statement Friday evening old vulnerabilities, then can to the AP. that it would not spread across the company's provide details about how network by stealing the attack occurred, and passwords. Along the way, it it criticized -further media encrypts scores of digital files coverage of the case as and prevents access to them "the infamy until victims pay the hackers of malicious attacks for a ransom, usually between airtime and publicity" and $10,000 and $15,000. ALABAMA STATEHOUSE Lawmaker makes move to impeach Alabama governor MONTGOMERY, Ala.

(AP) Alabama Gov. Robcrt Bentley was hit Tuesday with a longshot impeachment effort in the wake of a scandal involving a former top aide, the latest sign of his growing political troubles. Republican Rep. Ed Henry introduced the articles of impeachment, saying lawmakers and voters have lost confidence in the two-term GOP governor. He accused the governor of moral turpitude, willful neglect of duty, corruption and incompetence.

"We are looking at this governor who has essentially betrayed the trust of the people of Alabama through actions and lies that have caused us to have. some doubt about his leadership," Henry said during a press conference at the Alabama Statehouse. Bentley last month admitted making inappropriate remarks to his senior political adviser, Rebekah Caldwell Mason, who has since resigned. The admission came. after Bentley's recently fired law enforcement secretary accused the governor of having an affair with Mason and of interfering with law enforcement investigations.

Bentley has denied both accusations. The troubled governor lashed out at the effort, saying he would vigorously defend himself. "Today's press conference is nothing more than political grandstanding intended to grab headlines and take the focus away from the important issues the Legislature still has to address before the end of the session," Bentley said in a statement. Henry and Bentley have clashed on past issues, including the governor's 2015 push to raise taxes that some Republicans saw as a betrayal. The state Constitution spells out a vague but -used procedure for impeachment.

Alabama lawmakers have never previously tried to impeach a sitting governor. The impeachment resolution, which has support from some Democrats including House Minority Leader Craig Ford, was sent to the House Rules Alabama Rep. Ed Henry, R-Hartselle, announces that he will be filing an impeachment resolution for Gov. Robert Bentley, before filing it in the Alabama House of Representatives on Tuesday at the Alabama State House in Montgomery, Ala. Henry says he is filing the impeachment resolution in the wake of a scandal involving one of the governors top aides, who has since resigned.

The resolution will likely be sent to the House Rules Committee for consideration. Associated Press Committee for consideration but faces stark odds of being voted on by the full chamber. At least one legislative leader said that would not happen in the 11 meeting days remaining in the current session. House Rules Committce Chairman Mac McCutcheon said the committee would first establish an investigatting commission to vet the articles of impeachment and determine if grounds exist for impeachment. He said that likely wouldn't be resolved before the session ends next month.

The scandal has engulfed Bentley, a mild-mannered dermatologist and foriner Baptist deacon whose political ascendency was. based partly on his morally upright, honest reputation. Dianne Bentley, the governor's ex-wife, filed for divorce in 2015, saying their 50-ycar marriage had suffered an irreparable breakdown. Recordings obtained by The Associated Press purportedly show the governor before his divorceprofessing love to someone named Rebecca or Rebekali and telling her how much he enjoyed kissing and touching her breasts. "I love you so much; worry about loving you so much." Bentley says on the call: The governor in a press.

conference last month said that he did not have a "physical affair" with Mason and that there was no "sexual activity?" Henry said the recordings cast doubt on Bentley's version. Mason played a key role in Bentley's administration but was not on state payroll. She was paid with the governor's leftover campaign funds and also did work for. a nonprofit organization formed to promote Bentley's agenda. Some Alabama lawmakers quickly dismissed the impeachment effort.

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allow Iran access to the U.S. non-nuclear penalties on Iran financial system are not true," after last July's seven-nation Shannon told the committee. agreement that is designed to The Associated Press prevent Iran from becoming a reported last. week that the nuclear power. Treasury Department has The nuclear pact provided prepared a general, license, Iran with billions of dollars that would permit offshore, in sanctions relief for curfinancial institutions to con- tailing programs that could duct foreign currency trades lead to nuclear weapons.

But in dollars in support of legiti- the Iranians say they haven't mate business with Iran. benefited to the extent enviNo final decision has been sioned under the deal because made on the license and sev- of other U.S. measures linked eral restrictions would apply. to human rights, terrorism The license would not give and missile development Iran access to the U.S. finan- concerns.

cial system and it would not Sen. Bob Corker, allow Iran itself to conduct the committee's chairman, business in American dollars. said he's received conflicting But the change could reports over Iran's potential prove significant for Iran's access. He said he spoke Monsanctions-battered economy. day evening with the Treasury It also would be highly con- Department's sanctions chief, tentious in the United States, Adam Szubin, who Corker where Republican and even said was "very reassuring a few Democratic lawmakers that we are doing nothing to say the administration prom- accommodate dollar transacised to maintain a strict ban tions." SOCIAL SECURITY DENIED SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY? DON'T GIVE WE HAVE HELPED HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE GET THE DISABILITY BENEFITS THEY DESERVE.


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