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This article is about an older version of DF.

Dwarf Fortress is an amazing game, but it's reputation as being impenetrable or difficult to learn tends to be very overstated (although from what I gather from other players online, its reputation stems from earlier versions of the game and not the game in 2020), It's true that the UI and visuals are difficult but there's plenty of mods and sets which can help with this. Like Dwarf Fortress, you’re free to transfer your new creations over into Crusader Kings 2 and watch them take flight further still. “Basically the tool will generate, from scratch, a completely new history of humanity from its first exodus from Africa as a new mod to be playable in CK2,” explains yemmlie. This is a mod for a total conversion from normal Dwarf Fortress into a Mario Universe. Currently it is created as to be compatible with other mods, as. V0.51 alpha: 0.34.01. War of the Ring is a total overhaul mod for Dwarf Fortress, based upon the works of J.R.R. See the official thread for details. This download contains War. An assortment of my Dwarf Fortress mods and DFhack scripts, ranging from complete, to random scraps. Atkana/Dwarf-Fortress-Mods. Ensure you have the Unity Mod Manager (UMM) installed (any location), and that it has successfully found the DoM main game folder. Drag the.zip file from this nexus onto the 'Mods' page of UMM, or click 'Install Mod' and navigate to the.zip file. Launch the game! Right click on the mod on the UMM 'Mods' page and click 'Uninstall'.

MODThis page includes mods. The content is not part of normal DF as released. Changing game files can sometimes cause unexpected results, and should always be done with care and caution.
  • 1Modifications

Major modifications generally add or change a significant portion of the game, such as adding in new civilizations or altering the placement and properties of the game's metals and minerals. Major modifications normally require a new world to be generated using the modified files before they can be played.

Due to the wide range of modified files, major modifications have high likelihoods of conflicting with each other. Make sure to check for compatibility issues before attempting to install multiple mods.

Legends of Forlorn Realms (LFR)[edit]

Current version: 0.17a for DF Version 0.34.07
Legacy version: 0.15a for DF Version 0.31.25+


Author: narhiril
Type: Major
Summary: A major modification that aims to set itself apart from the other major expansion mods out there. LFR includes dozens of new creatures (EVERY ONE with custom graphics), new metals and minerals, an obscene number of new weapons and armor types, and some very unique civilizations, each with their own distinctive flavor and style. LFR contains extensive lore files, an incredibly detailed manual to help you navigate the new features, and two multi-tiered, interlocking technology trees to advance your civilization in the ways of innovation and spirituality. Rife with new features to discover and a huge amount of hidden content, LFR is rewarding for both casual players and those looking for more of a challenge.

LFR offers support for both Ironhand and ASCII tilesets, and is fully compatible with Fortress Defense II, for those desiring even more chaos.

Legacy download
Forum thread

Masterwork Mod[edit]

Dwarf Fortress Total Conversion Mods 1.12.2

Dwarf Fortress Total Conversion Mods (1)

Current version: 1.0 for DF Version 0.31.25+

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Author: Meph
Type: Major
Summary: Includes a Settings program, a GUI that lets you alter the mod how you want. You can turn features on or off. The mod itself adds over 20 races, 45 buildings, hundreds of reactions, 300 plant/trees, 200 creatures, 100 weapons and armors, a caste system, religion, new metals and alloys... A reward system for people who explore the caverns, do exploratory mining, fight megabeasts and find the HFS is inlcuded as well. All of these features are optional.
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Civilization Forge Mod[edit]

Current version: 2.31 for DF Version 0.31.18+


Author: Mephansteras
Type: Major
Summary: Adds numerous races, animals, and items to Dwarf Fortress as well as rebalancing many aspects of the game.
Forum Thread
Civilization Forge Wiki Page

Dig Deeper[edit]

Current version: ALPHA for DF Version 0.31.03


Author: The13thRonin
Type: Total Conversion
Summary: Adds a whole lot of different changes.
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Dwarf Chocolate[edit]

Current version: 0.26b for DF Version 0.31.06


Author: SethCreiyd
Type: Major
Summary: Contains many additions to Dwarf Fortress with the intention of diversifying the game while retaining its flavor.
Forum Thread

Genesis Mod[edit]

Current version: 3.29 (January, 2012) for DF Version 0.31.25


Author: Deon
Type: Total Conversion
Mod site: Genesis-Mod.Webs.Com
- Three graphical versions (ASCII, Ironhand, Phoebus)
- Adventure mode crafting and spells
- Sorted by category stone menu
- 10 dwarven castes
- 16 races/subraces
- ~100 new unique creatures
- 60+ new items
- Reworked plants and trees, many new plants and trees were added.
- Evil and good biomes have more diverse plantlife/trees.
- Different trees have different value of wood.
- Metalworking is reworked; many new alloys and metal types; magical metals; alchemy.
- Dozens of new workshops.
- Material and tissue overhaul; combat is deadlier and more realistic.
- Many tiers of leather. Small critters provide barely useable suede while megabeasts grant you deephide which is almost as good as metal. The leather tiers are: suede/leather/hide/mythskin/deephide.
- Caverns have visually noticeable difference in plants and critters; no longer caverns 1 will look the same as caverns 2 or cavens 3.
- New custom night creatures and bogeymen for your adventurers.
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Kobold Camp[edit]

Current version: 1.3 for DF Version 0.31.25


Author: Lagotrope
Type: Major
Summary: Makes Kobolds into a playable race, with new workshops, items, and weapons.
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Fortress Defense II Mod[edit]

Current version: [1] for DF Version 0.31.25


Author: darkflagrance
Type: Major
Summary: Adds numerous (10+) hostile civilizations of increasing difficulty and power to besiege the players fortress.



Author: IT 000
Type: Total Conversion
Summary: A Total Conversion featuring hundreds of changes. Face hordes of Infected in a barren, and decimated world in an attempt to create a flourishing fort.
Forum Post:Corrosion

Dwarf Fortress Total Conversion Mods (2)

Adventure Mode: Spells n' Fun[edit]

Current version:[2] for DF Version 0.31.25


Author: Lonely Road Wilmington
Developed by Lonely Road's epic PATRICK!!! If you can find trophycoins, get his items!
Type: Major, Adventure Mode only
Summary: This adds a throwable fireball and paralysis spell, or, if you don't care about effects, a staff to fire them only. This also comes with the drink additions of coffee, hot chocolate, coca cola, and tea, as well as a gallery of other items. New personal trading system introduced with TrophyCoins(--Complete as of 11/11/11 5:59 PM EST--). NEW!!! Baking and sewing have been added! NEW!! plants added!
Forum Post: Discuss, suggest, and report errors on my page: LoRoWil
Current Version/changelog:
Click for current version

vilous Mod[edit]

Current version: [3] for DF Version 0.31.25


Author: Skie, Chronojiuj, Vellarain, Darklord92
Type: Major
Summary:The land of the beast men is on the march! Vilous comes alive in your dwarf fortress worlds! With four new races based on the Vilous novella by Trancy Mick. Set many years after the collapse of the Silvorain empire, the northern Sergals have become a slightly more docile race soon with this lasting peace the other races of Vilous took there time to expand and evolve from simple races into full civilizations. The southern Sergals no longer enslaved and oppressed by the Northerns escaped back to there deserts and began to rebuilt on a farming and trading culture based around religion. The Nevreans a technological race of avians far more advanced than most of the other creatures that inhabit Vilous, with firearms and stronger armor to make up for there physical downfalls ( armor soon to come ). The Talyxians a cat like race born for the trees agile and fast, and unlike the Elves there happy with cutting down and using the forest, much to there Elf neighbors dismay. Lastly the Agudners, an ancient race lost to a cataclysm, the last survivors cling to survival spreading out in what small numbers are left, not much is know about them or there technology.

-sergal race
-Nevrean race
-Talyxian race
-agundner race
-13 new weapons, including guns
-14 new armors cloths and hats
-1 new plant
-3 new workshops
-1 new megabeast

all of which come in packs that can be included or left out for different configurations of the mod.

Dwarf Fortress Best Mods

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